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For my family and friends ™


This is a sign at the entrance of Halemaumau or near it on Hawai'i. I was quite surprised that they have this sign to warn people of its cultural significance. However, the government charges us $10 per carload to visit our own land. Does that make sense to you? Well it doesnt to me. Its sacrilegious to me... and quite sad. I also find it offensive. They have a sign warning people not to violate the sight when they (the representatives of the U.S. government does the same to us Hawaiians.) Really... it makes me embarrassed to be an American when hypocrisy here is rampant. "Do not build anything on it yet I will build an observatory over all that is sacred to Hawaiians."

I have more pictures. I also have video footage which I will develop into a film about Hawaiians. Slowly but surely but what I really want to be is a hermit. I dont want to talk to anyone which doesnt make sense to many people but I love being Hawaiian and being close to the land. I believe it was Malcolm X who said, "One cannot love the plant and not the root" or something to that effect. Its just like with non-Hawaiians. Many love the land but despise the roots (i.e. Hawaiians) or they know little about us or they dont care about us. Some view Hawaiians as whiners but then I ask these people, "Is freedom of speech the same as whining? If thats how you view it then I suggest that you reread and re-educate yourself before expressing your ignorance." Alot of it has to do with ignorance. How many films are about Hawaiians by a Hawaiian? How many books are about Hawaiians written by Hawaiians? Not very many. Therefore many people ASSume things about Hawaiians which may not necessarily be true. Anyway I will post more pictures when I have time.

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