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I despise it when people lie about us Hawaiians in order to try toperpetuate their racism against us

I despise it when people lie about us Hawaiians in order to try to perpetuate their racism against us. Reposted for the world to see how pilau some Americans are. I said SOME:

First I don't believe a word that anyone who belongs to the so-called blue collar "Grass Roots" Institute says. These people have a vested interest in title so of course they are going to try to substantiate their anti-Akaka Bill stance... though for a hewa reason. They want to try to show that somehow they know what is best for us because they want to try to control us:

Secondly this is the source, Tom Mcdonald's article:

However it is key to remember that we are still granted civil rights in the U.S. irrelevant of the Akaka Bill. Unfortunately some of the members of the "Grass Roots" Institute are twisting information to try to suit their agenda. In this case the implication is that the Akaka Bill will enable us to be seen as Indians with Indian rites and rights. No... that's not the case. We don't even have the treaties that the Seminoles do with the U.S. This is only a scare tactic that somehow the Akaka Bill is bad for us.

Who is he to decide for us if it's right or wrong for us?

The point being that it's not for him or anyone else to say. If he had read the different versions of the Akaka Bill then it would be clear that we still have civil rights yet what does he do... try to spread a scare tactic. Though I am anti-Akaka Bill because the U.S. tries to condition us to do things on their terms.. we are NOT Indians so he weakly tries to compare and contrast Hawaiians with Hawaiians using a scare tactic. Worse the Anti-Hawaii-an Reporter seems to have ALLOWED him to do that as in speak ill of Hawaiians because to some comparing us to Indians and their sovereignty is implying that somehow we are LESS THAN INDIANS.

But getting back to his pseudo article:

Some of the statements he makes like

"It will be of interest to those trying to establish a sovereign native Hawaiian entity similar to those that govern native American mainland tribes." shows ignorance too.

Hawaiians have ALWAYS had sovereignty though somehow some people mistakenly think that we have to somehow work to get it. We have had it all along. We still do though some people think that we want to be like Indians. We don't. We are Hawaiian.

Another statement:

"This is because the tribal entities are considered under U.S. law to be sovereign nations with the right under the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act to conduct their own legal proceedings in their own courts, with their own laws, prosecutors, judges, and jails. And although the federal government provides over $400 million a year to support these tribal justice systems, less than $1 million is used by the tribes to provide for Public Defenders. So poor tribal members most often end up representing themselves in court, without the help of a lawyer."

Again... we are NOT Indian. We are Hawaiian.

Another statement:

"And without the benefit of legal counsel, they often plead guilty in the tribal courts without realizing that by doing so they are subjecting themselves to an uphill battle if charges for the same offense are then brought in state or federal court."

To date Hawaiians do not have a tribal court nor are we a tribe. We are Hawaiian.

Another misleading statement:

"Here again, as with the lack of a right to legal counsel, tribal members lack the protection against double jeopardy provided to other U.S. Citizens by the Constitution. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2004 that since tribal nations are separate sovereign governments, if A person commits a crime that violates the laws of two sovereigns--the tribe and the federal government--both sovereigns can prosecute the offender."

An implication is that we do not deserve to be respected and also that we are less than Indians. Again... we are not Indian. The Akaka Bill explicitly states our unique history, culture, and peoples.

His last misleading paragraph:

"As the Native Hawaiian Reorganization Act--the Akaka Bill--works its way through Congress, those supporting it could solve the lack of counsel problem by amending the Bill to ensure that a right to counsel is included. On the double jeopardy issue, however, the only solution would seem to be complete secession from the United States and the State of Hawaii."

Not quite. This is only a fear tactic based on his fear that somehow we will have power over him while using a lie stating that we will lack counsel. With or without the Akaka Bill most Hawaiians live below the poverty line:

>>> Native Hawaiians had lower incomes than Hawaii's overall population, on a median and a per capita basis.

>>> Nearly 15 percent of all native Hawaiian families lived in poverty, compared with the overall state rate of 7.7 percent. About 20.3 percent of native Hawaiian families with related children under age 18 were poor, compared with 10.5 percent for that category in the state overall.


In addition according to the "Homeless Point-in-Time Count Report 2003" prepared for the State of Hawaii, the homeless population breakdown based on ethnicity:

Hawaiian 38.7%
Caucasian 34%

Other 7.3%
Filipino 5.1%
Chinese 2%
Japanese 1.1%

See page 24 at

Also for General Assistance in Hawai'i:

Caucasians 40%
Hawaiians 29%

Filipino 10%
Japanese 6%
Other Pacific Islanders 6%

See page 27 here:

In 2005 after Caucasians Hawaiians are the second group to need General Assistance from the State of Hawai'i which shows that there is some poverty within our people.

So the inability to have sufficient legal representation may be due to our socio- economic status... NOT to the perceived effect of the Akaka Bill.

Lastly he is described as follows:

"Tom MacDonald, retired president of a major trust and investment company, serves on the Board of Scholars at the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii and has written for the Community Newspaper Syndicate."

This shows that he probably has some vested interest in real estate and thus in title. This is a BAD SIGN. It shows how he most probably fears title of land. As in his which is NO EXCUSE to spread misinformation like how he is trying to do. Unfortunately some people ALLOW him to do so.

This is racism based on our national origin. That is... the Kingdom of Hawai'i.

How many people know about our history? How many people know about us?

Thus all symptoms of racism against us based on fear and ignorance about us and our history. That's why I say... some people are so pilau!!!

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