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We need more people like this: Trisha Kehaulani Watson

Kalani sent this link to me:

An excerpt:


The items are among the most cherished Hawaiian cultural items known to exist and include a famous wooden female figure and several renowned stick 'aumakua, or family deities.

Trisha Kehaulani Watson, executive director of the group Kako'o 'Oiwi, said she had declined the opportunity to see the artifacts yesterday.

"I refused to view them," she said. "I think it's inappropriate to view these items, and I think we show respect for them by not viewing them."

She said her greatest fear is that the artifacts would be sold to collectors and become personal possessions.

"They are essentially priceless and would be worth a great deal on the open market," she said.

Brown said the museum is not precluded from displaying the items in the meantime, but that there are no current plans to do so.

"I personally think they are of great educational value," he said. "They are rare, and it is a good thing for people to be able to see them and learn about them."

He said he was greatly relieved that the items had been fully accounted for. If they had not been removed from the caves, they could have been damaged by the earthquakes that jolted the Big Island in October, and would certainly have been damaged by insects eventually, he said. Some objects had been covered with silverfish when they were recovered, he said.

The museum did not allow news organizations to photograph or film the artifacts yesterday.

IMHO we need more people like this. Like her.

You know... no need to mention your degrees. Just speak the truth! Because sometimes when you mention your degrees it doesn't hurt anyone but other Hawaiians.

Kudos to her for using her voice. I hope that others do too.

And yes I agree with her 100%. Do not view them as they were not meant to be viewed. That is why our kupuna hid them.

So kudos to her for speaking the TRUTH. Thanks!!! To her and to others who do so.

Personally I think she can do a lot and noticed she or they didn't mention her degrees which I'm glad. I mean... they speak for themselves while she speaks the Truth so why bother telling people about her degrees when they already know about them? And Hawaiians DO talk. In fact within a week or so other Hawaiians will be reading this and talking about what I wrote. We DO talk. That is the Hawaiian Way but Hawaiians already know about her qualifications.

I hope that she doesn't mention them because in a way and sometimes degrees make some feel Hawaiians powerless. When degrees are not mentioned... the truth takes the light... not her... which many Hawaiians value. That is, haa haa. They admire humble-ness... not boastfulness and whether she or I like it or not... more Hawaiians will listen instead of tune her out because that is what they do when someone boasts about their degrees. They tune them out. Fast! Instead they want to know what you can do or what you are doing. Not about you, your degrees, or yourself. No. They will tune you out if not already.

So kudos to her because people WILL listen when you are haa haa or "humble."

She will be a major force... if not already... and I think she can do great things as long as she continues to stop mentioning her degrees because we already know because we Hawaiians. We TALK.

Anyway please show her some support by visiting her website at

and PLEASE make a donation at her website via PayPal. PLEASE support her! You can donate $1 or $100. Or more but PLEASE support her by donating to her organization.

For those who like be niele I recently donated $100 to try to help out but I do so anonymously. (They can see a company name but not my name.) I hope that some people reading this help donate too. I would have donated more but I have to save for the twin baby boys in case I bring them home in May or so. You can donate $1 or more if you want just help them and donate SOME thing. Please.


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