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Lately Kalani has been writing to me to tell me some things. Of course I laugh. He even continues to mention "Molokai pule oo" which is Molokaians praying for their enemies' deaths. Then the people of Kau. Some of whom killed some of their oppressive chiefs. Then some Mauians who pushed some Oahuans off of a cliff. So I laugh about it.

Especially when someone recently told me that I am "un-Hawaiian." Un-Hawaiian? I am very much Hawaiian LOL but that's only if one knows about Hawaiian history so that person's statement only makes me laugh. It only shows his ignorance about Hawaiians. Then again ignorance is a sign of racism. In this case racism against Hawaiians.

Unfortunately some people mistakenly think that Hawaiians were not violent or warriors or fighters. We come from a line of warriors so I am nothing special though I do have roots in Kau, South Kealia, Kona, KOHALA HINT HINT LOL, Maui, and Oahu. I am very much Hawaiian in that I can be quite brutal yet kind too which is being Hawaiian LOL But I know that some people do not see Hawaiians as being human. Thus one of the books I'm still working on about Hawaiians being de-humanized by some people.

Anyway I may update about that later. There is so much I would like to post here but I have so much work to do. I would like to attain my goals and the last thing I will do is allow them to distract me LOL So I may post amusing things later.

Well here is one that I am copying and pasting. First of all everyone who knows me knows that I will never renounce my American citizenship and that I love being American. Sorry to other Hawaiians who disagree with me but that is my manao. So of course since I have American and Hawaiian citizenships and since I am proud to be American and Hawaiian... I find some things amusing. In this case someone named "Ted" posted something and I responded which makes me laugh. I hope that it made other Hawaiians laugh too because I find it quite amusing LOL

Ted the Racist Anti-Hawaiian: "IF Kaonohi and others who only threaten and condem and are NOT interested in sharing ideas and communicating

Sanford Dole Society

Me: I am fluent in more than one language so I will translate. This means

"You don't agree with me. Therefore you are not sharing ideas and are not communicating with me.

In addition since I am aMErican where there is "ME" in America... it's all about ME and about ME-Y opinions. Therefore you are not entitled to your opinion and are not free to exercise your opinion w/o government intervention yet I will hypocritically turn around and exercise my rights and I will bitch and moan if and when Hawaiians exercise theirs."

Please... do not laugh too hard but I found it quite amusing. And to clarify... I like to make other people laugh especially other Hawaiians because stress kills. I try to defuse the stress of them being harassed by some people by trying to make them laugh.

I hope I have made some Hawaiians laugh because to me Hawaiians are some of the most beautiful kind compassionate people ever. Of course there are some oppressive and/or selfish and/or unkind and/or PILAU ones but I value those who are beautiful kind and compassionate. The least I can do since there are some who have been nothing but kind to me... is to try to make them laugh because I know that stress kills and I don't want my Hawaiian cousins to die. I want them to survive... but then who am I to say? LOL Only compassionate people understand me. Pilau people do not ;)

ANYWAY I hope some other Hawaiians laughed when they read that.


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