For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™


I spent the first days of this year with the people whom I love a lot. I'm very happy. I even got to see my sweet nieces and baby nephew. Well he's not a baby anymore but then my younger brother is still my "baby brother" and he's what... 35 LOL Well this weekend I get to see them again. I've already had a talk with the two older ones.

About going to law school.

While I don't believe in teaching them my biases about life and reality... I've always challenged them mentally and would like to think I helped create smart children as all of them are in some kind of honor roll. The older one is doing well and so is the second eldest. I want both of them to attend law school. As I explained to them... we need more compassionate and kind hearted people like them to become attorneys to protect those who may not be able to protect themselves and/or be able to afford legal representation.

I will find out in about 10 years or so if my diatribes to them work or not haha

They are so sweet though.. and are 15 and 11 respectively... because I talk to them about complex issues and they understand me *L*


This past year,  2006, was a good year for me but in 2007 I still have lots of goals I'd like to accomplish. I have so much work to do. Hope everyone's hopes and dreams come true in 2007. I wish everyone good wishes. Like Dory in "Finding Nemo" sang... just keep swimming swimming swimming along.

Anyway I would like to

1. Congratulate one of my middle nieces, "Warmth of the Sun," for being in the honor roll.

2. Wish my sweet niece "Moon Face" happy birthday~!!! She (like my other nieces) hold much of my hopes and dreams and hope they grow up to help other Hawaiians who aren't as fortunate as they are. I want her to be an attorney because she is very compassionate, kind, and sweet. She reminds me so much of myself in that she is very compassionate; she doesn't like to be noticed and/or recognized; and she has a toughness about her yet a sweet disposition too. Then again each of them has a quality or qualities that remind me of myself LOL We need more people in the legal field like her (and her sisters.) Happy birthday baby cakes! I'm very proud of her and her siblings.

When I see them again I will be telling them another diatribe of mine haha They are so sweet though... they actually listen to me even though they argue with me haha But then I've always challenged them and their thinking. I've told them repeatedly not to be intellectual egoists. Hopefully it will all pay off and they will help other Hawaiians. I'll see in about 10 or 15 years because while I don't consider myself a teacher, a teacher is only as good as his or her students meaning if the student exceeds the teacher then that shows how great that teacher is. If and only if the student surpasses the teacher. That's how I can tell if a teacher is a good... or great one ;)


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