For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

What about homeless people? What about Hawaiians?

In today's paper there is an article about new housing for the military in Hawaii:

An excerpt:

"Now, contractors are completing 35 new homes a month on the base as part of a $2.33 billion privatization venture. The plan is eventually to build 5,388 homes and renovate 2,506 others over a 10-year initial development period."

Many Schofield Barracks soldiers returning from Iraq next summer will be moving into brand-new homes, part of a $2.33 billion venture.


Meanwhile hundreds of people in the islands go homeless with no shelter and many Hawaiians have been waiting for a lifetime for a house.

Where is the equality?

The sad truth is that this kind of actions make it worse for Haole people. As soon as Haole people visit the islands they are often seen as being military personnel when in fact they are not so the innocent pay for what the guilty have done.

In addition it pisses me off that a kaona is that military personnel are more important than homeless and Hawaiians in the aina.

Unfortunately... this is reality. I love this country (the U.S.) yet sadly some people are ruining it by creating more divisions and different types of treatment. Some people get preferential treatment and some do not.

Anyway I would think they treat everyone fairly not at the exclusion of others. Way to go, America! This sucks but I wonder if this violates the Fair Housing Act.

I hope someone steps to the plate and considers that angle. The FHA bars discrimination based on race. Hello? Hello? Anyone?


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