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They don't teach Hawaiian history in the states

Queen Liluokalani died 89 years ago on Nov. 11, 1917:

Unfortunately and to my dismay public schools in the states do not teach Hawaiian history so some other Americans walk around ignorant about one of the 50 states. Hawaii is rich in history and is fascinating. I don't like to push my manao onto others though and I prefer to let people decide for themselves. It's not my thing to insult people's intelligence.

In any case here is a picture of the Honolulu Advertiser showing the funeral procession of Queen Liluokalani who spared blood shed for her people which I really admire. For me... I would fight back even if I am outarmed and that's one thing I disagree with her on but at the same time it was up to her to decide so I agree to disagree with her decision LOL

Of course there are some people who like to lie about her. Some say she was a tyrant. Uh hello. Tyrants do not plead with the American people for mercy which she did. Tyrants would have sought an alliance with another country to help attack America. Instead she pled with the American people for mercy for her people. Yet they continue to lie about her.

Her story is available online.

Read her story online here for free:

Anyway here is the picture of her funeral procession which shows her people respecting her and/or her life:

Taken 89 years ago, November 18, 1917.

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