For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™


Lately one of my friends Kalani and I have been half-joking about moving to the Azores or perhaps to Spain. He laughs perhaps TOO loudly about it *L* So of course I posted this in his Myspace thingy:

"Here are the languages I study regularly:



Just in case I have to hide... I can choose many places LMAO"

I know that many people annoy him. Sometimes I think I annoy him haha But lately I think ________ has been really annoying him because 1) He lied about his age and 2) He makes it seem as though he is famous.

I joked with him and told him that __________ is not famous because I don't know who he is.

And it's true in some amusing way *L*

It amazes me how some people wanna be famous. Why? Ten years from now no one will care. However people will remember you if you try to make this world a better place to live.

I know Kalani does not like being told what to do. Neither do I but I gave him some unsolicited advice anyway. I told him if and when people annoy him to just ignore them. It works wonders but now I'm wondering... what if he ends up ignoring ME? haha

Meanwhile I think Kalani will be heading to the Azores... while I may head to Rio to hide LMAO Actually it will probably be Hilo but I wanna build a moat so I don't have to be near too many humans LOL And it's not because I hate humans. It's more like I cannot help but think how humans are the most cruel animals in the world. I mean... we kill some of our own and we kill our own kind. Yes, I tend to think too much ;)

I also told this to Kalani:

"Okay... I think I can fit my computer and my bike in one of my cars. Then I'm going to run away from some people LMAO"

His response?

He said he has to think of an alias which really made me laugh.

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