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Michelle Wie steps up to help

Being that I'm from Hawaii, I am well aware of the child phenom Michelle Wie though she isn't like Tiger Woods in that he won every amateur title before turning pro. Wie never attained that but recently with her millions of dollars... she stepped up to the plate. It's quite shocking and while it may be for publicity... at least she is doing something about it though there are many people who try to help albeit anonymously... her help made local news:

Wie steps up aid for students

By Rob Perez
Advertiser Staff Writer

This computer lab at Kamaile Elementary School in Wai'anae will be refurbished courtesy of a donation by teen golfer Michelle Wie.

Teenage golfing sensation Michelle Wie plans to donate thousands of dollars worth of equipment and supplies to refurbish a computer room at a Wai'anae elementary school, the latest response in a growing effort stretching beyond Hawai'i to help the homeless along the Wai'anae Coast.

Read the rest of the story here:

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