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For my family and friends ™

I agree with this lady

In today's paper a lady wrote about compassion for the homeless in Hawaii. I guess it's stating the obvious but far too often compassion is lacking. Fortunately this lady stated the obvious and I agree with her... instead of bitching about the homeless in Hawaii... why not try to do something about it???? Here is her letter:


In response to Wil Wong (Letters, Nov. 13), yes, the homeless problem is terrible. You decry the poor image that homeless visibility projects, yet you offer no solution. What should we do with these people? Shall we put them all on Kaho'olawe? Or maybe keep you company in your comfortable setting in Ha'iku?

The majority of these people are not homeless by choice but by the economy. Try to imagine how it must feel to be the sole supporter of an aging mother and a handicapped friend and have to go live on the beach (or a bench by the Hawai'i Theatre), because the house you have lived in for 30 years got sold and the rent was jacked up so high you could no longer pay.

A lot of people out there complain about the "unsightliness" of the homeless, but have no solution to offer. I say to you that if you can't offer a solution, then don't complain.

Maybe the sight of these people might light a little spark of compassion in your grandchildren/children.

No, I do not have a solution. I wish I did. But I do feel compassion for the homeless. It can and does happen to anybody.

Loretta Allen, Honolulu

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