For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

I never tell people what languages I understand

I never tell people what languages I understand... in case I hear them talk bad about me LOL But I do and can understand many languages. Well lately Kalani and I have been discussing languages. He speaks Hawaiian and Spanish in addition to English. This is what he told me recently:

"That’s why I like speaking Spanish w/ those who dunno English. They make every effort to be understood and don’t care if I mess up, whereas those who speak engl. Too, they can be critical. It’s nice and all if you’re studying, but in the real word, key goal is to COMMUNICATE! Lol "

Far too often I see English speakers criticize those people who fumble up. I have no shame in screwing up and making mistakes. That's the way we learn to speak the language but the way that Kalani put it REALLY made me laugh haha

Oh and I have to respond to my cousin Paul. I still cannot believe he is a retired judge. He is a COOL person which is rare. He heard my side of the story and gave it serious consideration. I haven't read ONE letter from him which singles out and targets Hawaiians because after all I AM HAWAIIAN LOL Some people... gosh... intellectual egoists! He is nothing like that. He's like my Portuguese grandfather who was his uncle. He's very humble.

Anyway this morning I woke up at 5:30 a.m. Why? Because I had to wake up early LOL I cannot wait for November 21st. That's when I return to the DC area and when I can actually take a break from work. My head hurts! But I have to raise alot of money because I want to help someone get into office. He is MY chosen one haha Actually I think he will help make Hawaii a better place and the WORLD a better place for everyone to live in so I am trying to donate anonymously to him when he runs again. I HOPE he runs again. He has my vote of confidence.

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