For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Spanish tutor and work

Today my Spanish tutor told me to read some passages aloud and he told me I am at an intermediate level LOL I don't brag though but he likes how I pronounce words in Spanish.

Of course I laughed when he had Sesame Street cards in English and in Spanish because I have the same ones LOL They look something like this:

He quizzed me too but then I told him... I don't mind learning the language like children learn English. They learn by speaking it... not by analyzing the grammar LOL

He said I will do very well though because I am highly motivated and I am at an intermediate level. I haven't told my girl friend I am learning Spanish though... because in June I want to surprise her by speaking Spanish to her parents who don't speak any English.

So of course lately I've been studying Spanish for at least four hours a day. This includes listening to CDs while I'm driving which really helps.

Well at one point of my tutoring session, he asked me how my accent was and I always tell people this but whether I am speaking Hawaiian, French, or Spanish I sound American. I can tell.

As for work... I have worked so hard for the last two days arggggh. Then tomorrow morning I'm going to my office early at about 8 a.m. then working again on Sunday. Monday will be my day off and I CANNOT wait :-) Actually I have a meeting on Monday arrggggh so I'm taking Sunday off then working on Monday. I'll probably go to the beach on Sunday.

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