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For my family and friends ™

CEO Bill Brown of the Bishop Museum

I've never liked Bill Brown of the Bishop Museum. Granted the museum now offers jobs to many local people including but not limited to Hawaiians but he's always rubbed me the wrong way because he seems disrespectful. I could feel it in my naau.

Well no suprise but he has decided to resign from the Bishop Museum and work elsewhere. He decided to become president of The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, where he will begin his new duties on Feb. 1:

To me he helped aid and abet the hewa hewa by fighting to keep stolen goods:

Forbes Documents courtesy of someone at University of Hawaii

He dealt with STOLEN GOODS so to me he's not that great of a person.

Worse he took a few Hawaiians' opinions and based it on what ALL of us Hawaiians wanted. So uncool.

So it was no surprise to me that he ABANDONED the Bishop Museum.

That is what hewa hewa people do.

And for those who like to dig deep... here is how much Brown has helped to make money off of our ancestors bones:

~ $24,990,000 in revenue (2005)

with administrative expenses totalling about

$9,227,000 almost one third of revenue

So it was all about the money for him.

How sad.

He abandoned the museum and the Hawaiian people. What is new? We Hawaiians are used to it.

Some people appreciate my brutal honesty. Some do not but I knew all along he was hewa hewa. First he made money off of our kupunas' bones, dealt with stolen goods (see Forbes Documents above), then he abandoned us. Feel good now? I didn't think so.

Honesty. I serve it daily.

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