For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Lana's Picks for OHA (Office of Hawaiian Affairs) Trustees

There are FIVE days left to the General Election in Hawaii. Some people like how brutally honest I am. They value my honesty. They value my candor.

These are my picks for OHA... briefly:

My #1 Pick is Bumpy Kanahele

He gets my full support. If possible please vote for him.

My #2 Pick is Manu Boyd

He epitomizes haa haa.

My #3 Pick is Leona Kalima

While she supports the Kau Inoa Native Hawaiian Registration and I do not, I feel that she is in tune with Hawaiians' struggle and is humble which is very important to me.

My own cousin Boyd Mossman does not have my vote of confidence

I am related to this retired judge through my paternal grandmother.

For the love of the Hawaiian people... I hope they vote out my cousin Boyd Mossman. He's been in public service for 27 years and there are a little over 200,000 Hawaiians living beyond Hawaii so obviously he's not doing that great of a job. Instead he's been serving himself.

Therefore if at all possible... please vote his self serving butt out of his seat. I can only hope folks vote him out.

Mahalo in advance.

Yes, I understand people can't vote someone out of office... but they can kick him out of his seat. That is what I mean ;) Power to the PEOPLE is my motto....

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