For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

I cannot get enough of the Brothers Cazimero

Some of my favorite Hawaiians singers are the Brothers Cazimero who are graduates of the Kamehameha Schools (my alma mater too) which is the only school for Hawaiian children.

They have some of the best voices ever. I cannot get enough of them.

Here is more information about them for those who don't know or if you'd like to buy some of their CDs. I don't benefit in any way for mentioning them but I am amazed and in AWE of their talent:

I asked my mother if they still play live so that I can see them since I love their music! She told me they have special engagements but they don't have regularly programmed shows which totally sucks!

My theory of course (one of them anyway) is that what happened to them was that some people wanted to suppress the Hawaiian language because when people are in touch with their language they are strong and not homogeneous. That is... they are not "white" but my theory aside... I LOVE THEIR MUSIC! I can't get enough of their music. They are very talented. A couple of my favorites are "Pua Mae Ole" and "E Kuulei."

Anyway if you have time please check them out if you can. They're coming out with a new Christmas CD which my mother is buying for me because she knows how much I love their music:

To me they are some Hawaiian singers who epitomize Hawaiian music and are some of my all time favorite singers. Wherever I am... whether near Washington DC, Virginia, or in ___________ I play their CDs often.

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