For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

E kala mai (Sorry)

Okay sometimes I do go off like a walking time bomb but people who know me know I always think about the future of kids including but not limited to Hawaiian children who are very rare now and in the future. It's very personal. Recently someone asked me, "What are YOU doing today?" which was annoying yet understandable because I don't brag nor boast and I don't feel it's right to do so.

In any case if and when I DO go off the few times that I do LOL I mean well. Unfortunately some people misunderstand me but I am not focused on myself. I worry and am concerned about Hawaiian children. Obviously but I guess I must state the obvious for those who are wrapped up into themselves.

Anyway this response of mine states it well and I sincerely apologize as always:

"No Harry...

If you didn't notice it was manao. There is no [sic] "right" or "wrong" manao and I fully support other Hawaiians.

In addition my manao was

intra-national Hawaiian relations.

To help us achieve our goals with focus on our keiki (i.e. Hawaiian children.)

I RESPECTFULLY ask other Hawaiians to please stop acting like our oppressors do. PLEASE.

My apologies to all who thought otherwise ----"

I learned this from some of my kupuna like my Hilo Grandma, Aunty Genoa Keawe, Robert Worthington at the Kamehameha Schools, and a few others. These people showed nothing but kindness and compassion to me. This was BEFORE I attended college and BEFORE I was "worth" a million dollars ON PAPER. They showed NOTHING but kindness and compassion to me!

I hope that others are compassionate to other Hawaiians too.

That is all I am saying: PLEASE show some compassion to other Hawaiians.


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