For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

E kala mai (Sorry) but

E kala mai but I am very pissed off at the few other well-educated Hawaiians right now. Disappointed in them too for trying to oppress other Hawaiians.

Okay so I don't consider myself a Christian though I was baptized in a church in Ka U, Hawaii which no longer exists but Ka U is where some of my ancestors killed their oppressive chiefs. Granted... the Ka U in me comes out once in awhile but is disappointing to see products of UH-Manoa acting like our oppressors. I am sick and tired of it!

Oh sorry I got distracted but while I am not Christian I respect people's choice to their religion. I don't try to push my values onto others. Instead I respect them.

Unfortunately some of my own well-educated peers who are Hawaiian too are sending messages that are like our oppressors.

Here is an example:

"I'm not too sure if people here understand the concept of nationality and what makes one a citizen or subject of their respective country."

Okay... I can understand that some Hawaiians are unhappy when other Hawaiians are American by choice or by birth (like me) but they should not be oppressing us like how our oppressors oppressed our culture even saying we were heathens.

This was my response and keep in my mind that sometimes the Ka U in me comes out like here:

"In other words - or a kaona - is that we are dumb. We do not know what we are talking about. We do not know the difference between "ethnicity" and "nationality."

Another case of Oahu makaewaewa. Insulting our intelligence which is understandable because UH-Manoa is located on Oahu... but the Hawaiians whom I know are well-read and know what they are talking about.

Granted they did not attend UH but sorry... UH is NOT a top tier school and is a Western school and is a product of our oppressors. What are they teaching people at UH-Manoa? To be the epitome of oahu maka ewaewa?

And people wonder why after 50 or so years our nation is still not back in force. It's because of some of our own people NOT because of people like Harry.

Harry and people like him have NO say in our nation nor in what our people do, say, and/or think. Sadly the oahu maka ewa ewa attitude is helping to destroy our own people. Thanks to those few for insulting other Hawaiians' [sic] intelligence. Really makes my day when I read that and see the truth for myself. It's not Harry we have to worry about. Its some of our OWN people."

I am getting tired of these few people's antics. They don't realize that it may discourage other Hawaiians from helping other Hawaiians. How do I know? Because they tell me.

Also partly due to their antics sometimes I wonder... why bother helping other Hawaiians attend UH-Hilo when they may be end up to be oppressive like our oppressors too?

Someone else wrote this too:

"Only descendants of subjects of the Hawaiian Kingdom pre Jan. 17, 1893, in a direct line get to vote!

If you don't fit into one of the two categories, you are a foreign national and don't get to vote, simple as that!"

My response as I was getting pissed off at some of our Hawaiian oppressors:

"Thank you for that. Also I notice that some Hawaiians are unhappy that other Hawaiians either are American and/or choose to be American.

Is this another case of Oahu maka ewaewa. If so then those few are just as bad as our colonizers. If not worse for trying to take our inherent right to sovereignty. That is... OURS!"

Just some things to think about. Seriously think about. Instead of thinking about themselves and only what they want with little to no regard with what other Hawaiians want. It is only in fairness to all Hawaiians.

That is why I feel very strongly for Shelly Keliipuleole because her case epitomizes how we as people have roots. Some people respect them. Some people do not! Sadly her step-mother is basically telling her she cannot go back home to her roots so obviously she (Eleonor) is acting just like our oppressors and I don't appreciate it. I know close to how she feels too because I spent 13 years in Washington. I can go home to my roots any time. Why can't Shelly??????????? She has a right to return to her roots. To her ohana-s hale. That is where some of her roots are and I don't care what other people tell me. She has a right to go back to her roots like everyone else does.

Even if my nickname is "haole girl." I look Haole, talk Haole, and have a Haole first and last name... but I am HAWAIIAN (too)! Through and through... with some roots in Ka U, Keaukaha, and in South Kohala and South Kealia, Kona. Just to name a few.

Some people are so selfish! That is not the Hawaiian way aue!

But like my mother tells me, "Lana... not all Hawaiians are like that" and it's true. Not all Hawaiians are selfish but sadly and unfortunately there are a few who have adapted selfishness, arrogance, and oppressive acts and/or words from some of our oppressors.

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