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Okay... that post that I made with my manao about the Keliipuleole family here:


was not meant to create more anger and/or bitterness because the Keliipuleole whom I knew while I was a student at the Kamehameha Schools were not like that. They were nothing but kind and compassionate to me and I was on full financial aid as in very very poor yet they were compassionate to me!

So I may lock up the post so no comments can be seen but if I do then all of the responses are not shown which does a disservice to those who responded with kindness... not with bitterness and bashing.

I don't want to do that and it was only my manao. Hawaiian style there is no "right" or "wrong" manao. It is what it is but I may have to lock the comments which means that all of the comments will be hidden which I don't want to do because a few people showed compassion to Shelly which was my purpose.

I even had a conversation with my mother and she told me to be careful with what I say and/or write but for me... not to say anything is as bad as the act itself as in aiding and abetting... so I'm leaving the post up because it is a blog with my manao in it. I never thought it would turn into a huge fight! But the posts are my manao. Thus the blog. A blog of my manao. No offense is intended nor implied.

We don't want nor need more hate and bashing. We already have enough as it is and that was not my purpose.

Instead it was meant to show compassion. Not hate nor bitterness.

I've tried to lock comments but when I do all of them are locked which means the compassionate people's responses are locked too which I don't want to do.

I'm all about compassion. Not about hate or anger or bitterness. I don't want to enable any of this and if I could I would lock up that post but that was my manao. Hawaiian style there is no "right" manao or "wrong" manao. Thoughts are neither "right" nor "wrong."

I'm leaving the posts and comments up but Shelly asked that people stop from the bashing. I haven't kept up with the posts nor comments but today I checked my email notitications and I noticed that people are starting to bash more now than ever... which was not my intention. Instead my motive was to show compassion for another Hawaiian. It wasn't a breeding grown to bash. I can't lock up the comments though but I want the compassion to come through because that is what I'm about: Compassion.

Anyway I'm leaving the posts and comments up because it is with great hope that Hawaiians show some compassion to other Hawaiians. That was the purpose of the post. To show some (or more) compassion... to each other. It wasn't meant to allow people to bite each other's head off or claw each other's eyes out. It was about having some compassion for other Hawaiians.


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Oct. 13th, 2006 10:27 pm (UTC)
Dear Lana,
With much sorrow has your sight developed into a battle ground. But you are not at fault in any way.

EVERONE who participated did so on their own accord. EVERYONE is responsible for their own actions and reactions.

Mahalo for your mana'o but I must ask, for out of the respect for the Arioli Ohana and the sensitive comments posted here, that you consider locking out this story all together and start fresh.

With great appreciation for good Hawaiians like you,

Ka Hiapo o Ka Ohana Keliipuleole
Raene Keliipuleole
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