For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Ka ona

I guess after writing some things some people took it personally. I don't know why because anyone who knows me knows I am always and have always been vague. Sometimes even my husband gets annoyed with my vagueness LOL but it's the Hawaiian way. Our language is not direct... but at least a few people understand me ;-) They can crack my code so to speak. The ones whom I annoy... well it's obvious to me that they think about themselves but that's not my intention.

Well Kalani and I have been having uka million discussions as usual. One of them was about Oahuans. Some guy wrote a letter to the editor about Oahuans and we talked. That is what we Hawaiians have done for centuries. That is what we continue to do.

This is what I was discussing with Kalani:

"I never understood how some people with all of their knowledge don't go there to help or is it an Oahuan thing? We have attorneys in Hawaii who are oiwi. Where are they? What about the PhDs who can help Ritte on Molokai. Not on Oahu but physically got to Oahu?

It reminds me of all kine ka ona as like how some Oahuans think that Oahu is the only island and that all the other islands are secondary or tertiary etc. What about Molokai?

Good luck? Good luck as in what? Is this like "I will watch you as your canoe sinks?" Or like "I will watch you fight the rich and wealthy while I drink my awa in Kapahulu?"

With all this "knowledge" where is the help? Where are the other oiwi attorneys? Are they at home? Where are they???? Another ka ona that really pisses me off... is some people have all this knowledge yet do very little to actually help. Does this mean that somehow Molokaians don't matter?

Tell me what you think, cousin!"

Then a few people thought I was talking about them.

Sometimes I don't like some people. They think too much about themselves instead of thinking gee... perhaps Lana was talking about someone else. Perhaps Lana is NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU LOL

Of course if and when people get all nuha about it I know there is a chance that they feel guilty when they shouldn't but yet their reaction which is an angry one towards me shows me perhaps they are guilty of what I am talking about. Wow... long sentence LOL

But the guilty ones react that way. That is... guilty which is no surprise to me but I still apologized for being vague and yes I am sorry for being vague. It's one of my worse habits which I have tried to change to no avail. I am still vague. In fact I haven't mentioned who thought my manao was directed to them LOL And I won't. I'm a vague person but I am direct and concise when it matters ;-)


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