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Help save Molokai from people who want to suffocate her

As some people who read my blog already know... I invest in real estate and help others invest in real estate but one thing I do not do is advocate that people ruin Hawaii any more than they have. I feel very strongly about this. They are trying to ruin the equilibrium and balance in Molokai.

The concrete has suffocated Oahu. Molokai is on its way. Fortunately there is a way you can stop the wealthy from ruining Molokai any further.

I urge people anyone who reads this to contact their local senator @

as well as to check this website out:

Here are some pictures:

This is a picture of Walter Ritte who is well known in the islands. He advocates preservation of the earth (aina), water, flora, fauna, etc.

One of my teachers once told me, "Once you lose your land... you lose your roots." Ritte seems to epitomize fighting for our roots and for that... I'm grateful for all of the work he does though he does not seem to care what others think of him. He is someone whom I admire because 1) he doesn't judge others whether they are "pono" or "hewa;" and 2) he doesn't use college degrees as weapons against our own people.

With that... click the link below to see more pics:

Kalaniua Ritte and Guy Hanohano

Say NO to more concrete on the islands.

Any comments or questions?

Go to


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