For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Pictures and Books

I could post a picture of my sweetie but he doesn't want me to post a pic of him here. Well I took these two pictures of the plane on my way back last night:

It's hard to see anything but I took the pics anyway. From inside the plane haha

Also I bought some books from the thrift store. One about the Amish not because of the recent news but because when I saw it it looked interesting and another about clicking with people. So far the latter is boring me but I read as much as I can to help me in the work that I do. Well the author, David Rich, seems to advocate acting fake and I'm not down with that. Since I was curious what the book was about I bought it LOL It's on the boring, fake side but I'm almost pau with it:

I'm pau with the book on the left. It was 80 cents which can be seen on the cover with black crayon. This book explains how the Amish are very private people which is how the Hawaiian people can be.

I'm keeping it in my Hawaiian history section of my reading room for further research comparing and contrasting Amish with Hawaiians. So far my theory is because the Amish are white they get more respect than Hawaiians because Hawaiians are supposedly "dark heathens." I'm sorry but who slaughtered innocent people? Well enough of that but this book was interesting.

Also I may be going to Las Vegas for the Fantasy and Fetish Ball again later this month. Pending my sweetie cake's blessing. Sometimes some men can be dramatic that's why LMAO (I'm joking.)


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