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For my family and friends ™

My manao on the Shelly Keliipuleole-Rutt Situation

This is a picture of Palolo Valley homesteader Shelly Keliipuleole-Rutt who is disputing an eviction by her step-mother from her family home:

In this article it is revealed that her step-mother, Leaseholder Eleonora Keliipuleole, who is not Hawaiian evicted her from her father's home.

My manao is that Shelly Keliipuleole-Rutt can fight for herself as a legal heir. I hope she fights for her rights because title is inheritable. In this case while her step-mother evicted her she can still fight for her rights. Hopefully she will.

I think it's time for Hawaiians to stop being so nice. We need to fight back more because if we don't then chances are our grandchildren will have a tough time fighting for their rights so please reconsider. Please fight back so that they won't have to.

Edit: June 17, 2008

This blog entry pops up when doing an online search for the Keliipuleole family.

Please note that I do not maintain this blog anymore but I keep my mana'o posted here for all to read. Some people may disagree with me writing about her but she wants help. It is unfortunate that the family has been thrust into the spotlight. However I feel bad for her and for people like her. Do I blame her for speaking publicly about it? Do I blame her for fighting for her ROOTS? No. It's a sad story but then they will resolve it. For better or for worse but what happens in this case is the future of Hawaiian keiki which makes it very sad. Therefore I am keeping this post up because while this is her present... it describes the future of our keiki which is VERY SAD.

My post is NOT about taking sides. Instead I hope that other Hawaiians are COMPASSIONATE TO OTHER HAWAIIANS. Please understand that I am leaving this post up out of respect for the IWI. For me it's not about being right. It's about doing the right thing. Therefore E KALA MAI but I am leaving this post as it is out of respect for Shelly Keliipuleole-Rutt and other Hawaiians in her predicament.

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