For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

What the fork

I finally made it to the DC area. On the plane I had a small bottle of Bailey's Irish Creme which I rarely ever have since I've been cutting down on everything that tastes yummy haha I had that plus water. Surprisingly there were only about 10 people on the flight LOL It was a first for me because the plane is usually VERY crowded.

Well I love my sweetie pie so much. I should post a pic of him but I think he will get upset at me if I do LOL He's so hot looking too. It's too bad that he won't let me post his picture :(

Tomorrow I'm heading to the gym. One which I have never been to before. I'm going to another Bally's instead of the awesome Gold's Gym this time. I have to maintain my workouts.

Oh and I'm pau ("finished" in the Hawaiian language for those who don't know) with another book. I was pau with it on the plane. I'll be working on another book. I have so many. I have about 500 books total in my reading room now so I have lots of reading to do. My husband laughs at me about it but at one time Hawaiians had the highest literacy rate in the world, surpassing even the citizens of Great Britain at the time. We were also bilingual. I hope to work towards that goal.

I know that my sweetie cakes knows that I love him. I kept telling him that I love him haha

Well I was supposed to go to Las Vegas tonight but decided not to go. I'm just chilling like a non-villain near Washington DC. I'm going to the gym tomorrow. It's fairly close by.

I have so much work to do... and the thought that my life can end at any time is somewhat morbid and disturbing.

So every day I've been writing notes to my nieces so that they know what they should do and what is left to be done. I want them to be compassionate and never forget that there are Hawaiians who are less fortunate than they are. I will continue to remind them so that they don't forget.

In any case it's been raining here. I'll try to post pictures when I can since I'm using my other laptop. Sometimes I love technology. It's also times like these when I am super grateful.

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