For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Recent pictures and more stuff

I took these pictures with my cell phone camera though it's a crappy cell phone camera:

The weight room at a Gold's Gym somewhere near Washington DC. It kicked major ass. So much so that I worked out for about two hours with my husby.

This is the "Lady's Gold" room reserved for women only. Of course my husband entered it in order to ask me if he could use my cell phone *LOL*

Another picture of the "Lady's Gold" weight room

This is a picture of Johnny Rocket's near DC. Some of the wait staff were dancing to "R-e-s-p-e-c-t" by Aretha Franklin which you can kinda see in the center of this picture.

A very blurry picture of the planes while I was on the flight heading back to HomeHome which makes me laugh because someone told me that they have proof that I don't go to Washington DC. Huh? LOL I fly regularly between HomeHome and to the Washington DC area. Here is a picture that I took while I was on the plane recently *LOL*

Also I wrote this elsewhere which made me laugh yet it is a brief summary of who I am which very few people know since they base some things on my present and not my past... whereas my present is an accumulation of my past LOL Seriously here is an excerpt:


- I'm Haole too thus HAOLE... girl which is my nickname

- I was born very poor more poor than people can imagine...

- Was on welfare from about age 6 til 9

- Attended Kamehameha Schools from 9th grade til 12th grade on full financial aid

- Mother was denied for welfare after they told her she made $13 over the minimum

- Currently work over 80 hours per week

- Currently trying to build a home on the property in Hilo that I inherited from my Portuguese grandfather but have not responded to my requests for more information

- I work and pay property taxes times three due to inheriting two properties and thus inheriting another tax burden

What else hmmm... not poor anymore but I pay property taxes and I am an American (too.) Therefore I can bitch and moan."

I realize though that when most people see me they cannot imagine me ever being poor but once you taste "being poor" I doubt you ever forget it. Sad but true.


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