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A lurker from the military

I just noticed that someone from the Navy out of Pensacola, Florida is lurking at my Livejournal. I don't know why but one of my uncles is retired Navy. Unfortunately because I am Hawaiian some people watch me because they view me as a monster and/or try to dehumanize me because I'm Hawaiian and/or because of my national origin (i.e. the Hawaiian Kingdom). Of course, I am not the only Hawaiian to whom they do this.

One "problem" of course is that while I am Hawaiian... I am also American (and pro-American) and have long blondish hair. Still... I don't like being harassed and/or intimidated. No one does.

Unfortunately some Americans mistakenly use "Hawaiian sovereignty" with "Anti-American." They are NOT interchangeable but because Hawaiians are fighting and continue to fight for their rights including but not limited to sovereignty... some people watch us Hawaiians. I don't care if they watch me because I am pro-American (as well as pro-Hawaiian) but it bothers me how sneaky some of these people are. Hiding and watching us Hawaiians. No need to hide but then it doesn't surprise me.

Well some people are now discussing "Hana Johnson." She conveniently forgot to mention her association with the racist Grass Roots Hawaii group but I'm going to write about that elsewhere and not in my personal blog. It's too long das why haha!

Anyway I'm listening to Hawaiian Kine radio which is one of my favorite radio stations: You can listen to Hawaiian music for free since it has streaming audio. They mix English songs with Hawaiian songs... just like how most of us Hawaiians are of mixed ethnicities. They're playing "Wahine Ilikea" right now. One of my favorite songs. Well
hope everyone is doing well :-)

Tags: racism against (other) hawaiians

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