For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

This comment about my hair and body made me laugh

Someone anonymously criticized me which is not surprising. S/he wrote a long diatribe about me while telling me that I am wasting my time and trying to tell me what to do. Stress on the word "trying" because if and when someone tells me what to do... I don't listen. Well s/he turned around and wasted their time responding TO ME LOL This part really made me laugh:

"you are basicly a crazy flighty blonde with a big chest who thinks that because God gave you a pretty nice body you can get your own way or have more crediablity than anyone else."

Yes... I have a big chest. Yes, I have a pretty nice body but No I don't think I have more credibility than anyone else. However I am into doing the right thing.

In any case it's funny how they notice that I have blonde hair and they also notice my body. Why not focus on my work? Unfortunately I am about stopping racism against Hawaiians and they don't like it so what do they do? Mention my looks. So typical.

It's actually a bad sign which shows how some in our country focus on blonde hair and big breasts instead of the content of the messages(s.) I think it's superficial. I mean... yes I have blonde hair, big breasts, and a semi-decent body. However has it dawned on people like these that I am talking about racism against Hawaiians? Obviously not. They are too focused on my blonde hair and big breasts.

I guess I should mention that I am wearing a dark blue suit which covers my body yet what does s/he mention? My blonde hair and my big breasts. Way to go embarrassing our country (the U.S.)

Anyway I expected this reaction. It shows me that they noticed and also that whatever I've been doing bothers them so of course... I will continue to do what I do because pointing out their racism against Hawaiians makes those guilty people feel uncomfortable... and in this case it shows. So of course I thanked them for their feedback.

Tags: racism against hawaiians, sexism against female hawaiians

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