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Someone sent this email to me today:

"I am a Ph.D. student in Urban Studies in the United States. I became interested in researching Honolulu, but when I began doing research all of this information came up about "sovereignty" and "independence". I just do not understand all of this stuff. We have had far too much revolution in the world. The anger that I see from some Hawaiians reminds me of the hatred that "arab terrorists" have towards americans and jews. Haoles on the mainland appreciate the hawaiian culture and love visiting the islands.

Why is there so much hatred towards them? There are far too many innocent people being hated for no good reason. Hawaii is blessed to be a State. America is not evil. Indigenous Hawaiians account for only 20% of the population. They voted 94% on becoming a state. Most of these people protesting were "born" after Hawaii became a state. They are citizens revolting against their own country. This is so disturbing. I wish I would have never began doing this research. My view on the islands and its indigenous people has totally changed. I watched a video of a statehood rally that was protested in a shameful and horrific manner. Threatening children, cursing, etc...


My response:

"First of all... what are you talking about? Most Hawaiians are of MIXED ETHNICITIES. For example I am Hawaiian, Haole, Chinese, AND Portuguese. Most Hawaiians are like this as most of our ancestors spread their legs to non-Hawaiians.

Secondly threatening children is being used interchangeably with "telling the truth" which is what the protestors were doing.

In any case please do not bother sending racist emails to me which show racism against Hawaiians. I am Hawaiian too afterall so PLEASE refrain from spreading racism against Hawaiians based on our ethnicity, race, and/or national origin. Like Jewish people, like Arab people... Hawaiian people do NOT appreciate it.

Mahalo in advance."

What also annoys me is how some people especially some Americans are embarrassing our country (the U.S.) while they ASSume that Hawaiians are anti-American. I am pro-American and pro-Hawaiian and it friggen annoys me when they embarrass our country (the U.S.) with their ignorance.

Their arrogance and their pseudo-intellectualism don't bother me much. It's their ignorance that is embarrassing our country (the U.S.) How embarrassing!

For example, some Hawaiians are Americans. Like ME. Another example is that MOST Hawaiians are of mixed ethnicities. For example, I am Haole, Hawaiian, Chinese, and Portuguese. I am not the only Hawaiian who is mixed. In fact my best friend Aku Palu is Hawaiian and Haole. My other friend is Hawaiian, Chinese, and Scottish. This is common.

Like my kindergarten teacher used to say,

"Let's put our thinking caps on."

It's time for some of these people to put on theirs.



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Aug. 26th, 2006 04:28 am (UTC)
People get upset when we don't sugarcoat it for them. Jeez. Wake up, people! This is the reality of indigenous peoples. We stand up for what is just and it's unfortunate that they can't be accountable for their part in our colonization/imperialism.
Aug. 27th, 2006 12:05 pm (UTC)
I know for a fact it's b/c we don't sugarcoat it for them that they find it offensive. They probably could understand a foreigner saying that, but not one of us who suffers within their boundries (supposedly) yet lash out at the US govt. They only see things that happened in the past as simply the PAST and people who lived during that time no longer exist and that's it. They're just ignorant.
Aug. 27th, 2006 04:43 pm (UTC)
They probably could understand a foreigner saying that, but not one of us who suffers within their boundries (supposedly) yet lash out at the US govt.

That, or they get the Tibet syndrome--thinking that oppression only occurs outside of the borders of their country and that their country is "beyond treating people like that". Please!
Aug. 27th, 2006 04:49 pm (UTC)
This lana likes tochange her colors. lol I like the earth tones better. If u can call it that. lol

Anyway, that's what it is! They believe that oppression can only occur outside of their own country. Fuckers, they are stupid b/c oppression is still going on here.
Aug. 27th, 2006 04:53 pm (UTC)
I'm a big fan of the earth tones too...then again my LJ was hot pink for a while. HHAHAHAH.

Exactly. How annoying!
Aug. 26th, 2006 05:05 am (UTC)

I like this part from the e-mail sent to you:

Haoles on the mainland appreciate the hawaiian culture and love visiting the islands.

I think just like his blanket statement of Hawaiians, this is also a blanket statement about haoles, which to me almost suggests that ALL haole people appreciate the Hawaiian culture. That is, as one might say, a haole lie. Yes, I said it, a white lie. Fight words with words, fire with fire.

I'm being partly sarcastic, but it is funny that this person states he was doing research, but when confronted with something he is unfamiliar or even uncomfortable with, he stops. He doesn't want to explore. It's against the myth that he believes in, and I definitely understand there are two sides to every story, and with each side many perspectives.

As you referred to, people need to put on their thinking caps. If you are going to do research on ANY topic, you can't do it in a half-ass manner, the "Dove shorts" mentality. Did this person simply skim the surface, and once he found a blemish he said "oh no, a pimple, I am irritable, I must stop"?

I would ask him "with the research you had come up with, what did you learn? What did you benefit from it? What were your assumptions before doing this research? Do you view Hawaiians in the same way you view other island cultures? What made Hawaiians different from other island cultures? Do you feel other island cultures have similar issues as Hawaiians?"

I can go on.
Aug. 27th, 2006 12:15 pm (UTC)
You remind me of the kids on myspace. Always changing the layout. lmao But nice, I like the bkgrnd. I could do the same but I would hate to mess up mine b/c I forgot how to change stuff I think. lol And if I do something to what you made, what color text, etc. would I use? Wouldn't be able to read. I dunno, we'll see. hahaha

Anyway, so yeah...flash the "I'm a Ph.D. student" and he quotes how 94% voted on being a state w/o understanding exactly who voted and the options that were given. I won't say much b/c I guess they find out your page something and if they're reading this, they shoulld figure that shit out on their if they're supposedly smart</strike> a Ph.D student.

Yes Aaron is an idiot. Harsh? No, reality check! I wouldn't fucking brag about being a Ph.D. student w/o doing actual RESEARCH! Shit, u learn that kind of shit in English 101 on how to do research. HOW TO DO IT! Someone missed that. Another Ken Conklin...the misguided! And he says he wish he never did the research. LMAO NOw if that's not the most stupidist thing to say from a dumb ass kid! So...if he was blind to this, he'd be ok w/ this? Estrella was right...sugarcoat. And see how he writes about citizens revolting against their own country. Oh really? HOw so? Can he, the Ph.D. student explain how Hawaii became part of the Union? I'm sure as a Ph.D. student he certainly did the research, right? He knows exactly how that occurred! And Haoles on the mainland appreciate the culture & likes to visit? Who the fuck doesn't? They don't know shit either! Fuck these fucking dumb ass people!
Sep. 7th, 2006 12:09 am (UTC)
Aaron's understanding of the issues and the history is a little confused.

Comparing sovereignty-minded Hawaiians with "Arab terrorists" is ludicrous. It's almost as ludricrous as his belief that Hawaiians shouldn't dare consider sovereignty because he has (arbitrarily) determined "we have had far too much revolution in the world."

Anger is not synonymous with hatred. Exposing and decrying injustice and mistreatment is not hatred.

He also confuses the casual fun tourists experience during brief vacations in Hawaii, with *respect* for Hawaiians as a people and a culture. Two very different things.

"Citizens revolting against their own country"? I believe the gang of haoles who overthrew the queen in 1893 were citizens of the Hawaiian Kingdom. I'm sure they felt there had been "far too much revolution in the world" AFTER they revolted against their own country. Come to think of it, that gang of traitors amounted to far less than 20% of the population...

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