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Someone sent this email to me today:

"I am a Ph.D. student in Urban Studies in the United States. I became interested in researching Honolulu, but when I began doing research all of this information came up about "sovereignty" and "independence". I just do not understand all of this stuff. We have had far too much revolution in the world. The anger that I see from some Hawaiians reminds me of the hatred that "arab terrorists" have towards americans and jews. Haoles on the mainland appreciate the hawaiian culture and love visiting the islands.

Why is there so much hatred towards them? There are far too many innocent people being hated for no good reason. Hawaii is blessed to be a State. America is not evil. Indigenous Hawaiians account for only 20% of the population. They voted 94% on becoming a state. Most of these people protesting were "born" after Hawaii became a state. They are citizens revolting against their own country. This is so disturbing. I wish I would have never began doing this research. My view on the islands and its indigenous people has totally changed. I watched a video of a statehood rally that was protested in a shameful and horrific manner. Threatening children, cursing, etc...


My response:

"First of all... what are you talking about? Most Hawaiians are of MIXED ETHNICITIES. For example I am Hawaiian, Haole, Chinese, AND Portuguese. Most Hawaiians are like this as most of our ancestors spread their legs to non-Hawaiians.

Secondly threatening children is being used interchangeably with "telling the truth" which is what the protestors were doing.

In any case please do not bother sending racist emails to me which show racism against Hawaiians. I am Hawaiian too afterall so PLEASE refrain from spreading racism against Hawaiians based on our ethnicity, race, and/or national origin. Like Jewish people, like Arab people... Hawaiian people do NOT appreciate it.

Mahalo in advance."

What also annoys me is how some people especially some Americans are embarrassing our country (the U.S.) while they ASSume that Hawaiians are anti-American. I am pro-American and pro-Hawaiian and it friggen annoys me when they embarrass our country (the U.S.) with their ignorance.

Their arrogance and their pseudo-intellectualism don't bother me much. It's their ignorance that is embarrassing our country (the U.S.) How embarrassing!

For example, some Hawaiians are Americans. Like ME. Another example is that MOST Hawaiians are of mixed ethnicities. For example, I am Haole, Hawaiian, Chinese, and Portuguese. I am not the only Hawaiian who is mixed. In fact my best friend Aku Palu is Hawaiian and Haole. My other friend is Hawaiian, Chinese, and Scottish. This is common.

Like my kindergarten teacher used to say,

"Let's put our thinking caps on."

It's time for some of these people to put on theirs.

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