For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Someone from UH came to my Livejournal

As many of my readers already know... all of the responses and all of the hits to this Livejournal are IP traced meaning I can see IP addresses. Such as in this case from someone posting from:


Their comment is an un-educated, ignorant one and we know what breeds racism: Ignorance. In this case one can clearly see how hateful they are as well as ignorant.

It was in response to a post about Ken Conklin:

They posted this:

"You are a racist, not Ken. You are evil, Mr. Conklin simiply speaks the truth. You perpetuate lies and twist history. Mr. Conklin actually does the research to support his conclusion. The truth hurts when you are a racist! Down with the soverignty movement!"

This was my response:

"To clarify since people who are racist against Hawaiians are bothered by Hawaiians speaking out...

I am married to a Haole dude and have been for a long time. I am also Haole too.

In addition my Hawaiian ancestors spread their legs to non-Hawaiians. That is why I am Hawaiian, Haole, CHINESE, AND Portuguese.

Unfortunately these people single out and target Hawaiians like in this case where someone does not sign their name. They respond out of hatred. These people are nasty, evil, hateful people... as shown in their response. They are full of hate.

In any case we Hawaiians will continue to fight for our rights. Which is one of many good things about America :)"

I LOVE America and these fricken people are embarrassing our country (the U.S.) with their ignorance and racism against Hawaiians.

They are dragging our country (the U.S.) down the toilet. PLEASE help me stop these people from spreading lies about Hawaiians as well as from spreading their racism against Hawaiians. I love America too much to see these nasty, hateful, racist people take our country down the toilet. For the love of this country. They are embarrassing the United States.

Tags: hateful people who hate hawaiians, ken conklin phd, racism against hawaiians

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