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For my family and friends ™

Political correctness gone awry: G-strings

As expected some LoLo people have seen a couple of pictures of me wearing a g-string that were taken in May 2001. Unfortunately they correlate "May 2001" with "August 2006." Unfortunately they also correlate "picture of a woman in a g-string" with "online porn." They are NOT interchangeable.

Unfortunately the United States have people whose ignorance embarrasses our country. Unfortunately some people in the states make it seem as though it is "wrong" to have a hot and sexy ass LOL

Seriously. There is NOTHING wrong with wearing g-strings. When did wearing a g-string become "online porn?" Another case of Political Correctness gone awry.

Which reminds me... why are they even looking at my pictures? I mean... they claim that they don't like what I have to say yet they turn around and look at my pictures? LOL Yes... they no make sense.

The funniest, most amusing is that they read ____________ when they have explicitly stated that they don't think that the Hawaiian Kingdom exists.

Can we say L-o-L-o?

Their LoLo ness is really dragging down our country (the U.S.) How shame!

Though I am a natural 40D :P

I stopped showing my gauges of my workouts though because some men mistakenly thought that I wanted them. That was in 2001. Nowadays I rarely if ever post public pictures of me like how I used to mainly because men would pursue me albeit online so I have since ceased posting public pictures gauging my workouts though I am not surprised that this has happened recently. I mean... a woman in a g-string is NOT inviting sex nor is she in porn. She is only wearing a g-string. Nothing more, nothing less. Unfortunately some people like to twist some things and make something beautiful into something ugly so I am not surprised because these anti-Hawaiians are hateful. They twist beautiful things into hate. Unfortunately but not everyone is like that.

Anyway in the Western World some people usually end up discussing a woman's body so this is NO surprise to me. In any case I do have recent pictures of me in different g-strings under locked Friends Only posts in my other Livejournal because some people like to see how I look. Well now... they no can see *LOL* That's some Americans for you. That is... political correctness is taken TOO far but there is NOTHING wrong with wearing a g-string and showing people how my ass looks. Nothing at all haha Seriously... I have a nice body. It's mine and I LIKE to show it. Unfortunately some men still think that we are chattel or their personal property. However it's my ass and I will wear a g-string when and where I want haha That is... I have a right to show my ass hahaha Seriously... just because some people see me in a g-string will NOT stop me from being pro-Hawaiian. They are ONLY wasting their time on little old ME.

In the mean time I will continue to wear my g-strings. Just because I like to wear g-strings minus the Political Correctness being Incorrect *LOL*
Tags: harry the hypocrit, racism against hawaiians, sexism embarrasses america

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