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See how Hawaiians talk

I'm still in Seattle and to my surprise the producer of this video: commented in my Livejournal. He said:

"Every so often, I make the rounds on the web and look at what's being said on the blogs and web sites about Hawaiian issues (yes, I'm a lurker). Imagine my surprise to find my video here!

Thanks for posting the video essay on your blog. I've had only positive responses since its premiere last May at the Pacific Edge Film Festival, but means so much more to me when another Hawaiian watches and acknowledges it. I'm happy to report that Noelani Jai - advocate and organizer of the march - watched it last week for the first time and approved highly. She is including it in her new blog which should be public sometime next week, I believe.

You mentioned something that was important to me when assembling the video: it shows Hawaiians in protest. Also, that it shows them protesting on the mainland. When I taped it, I thought I might just put excerpts on the web so people could see us giving our support in NorCal...but then the film festival came along, and I felt it was important to do something more. I'm just one Hawaiian, so I felt the only authority with which I could speak was my own experience, my own feelings and thoughts as a Hawaiian.

Anyway, thanks again for posting the video. Keep writing your blog (and posting around the net!). If you or anyone would like to contact me or would like to learn more, visit my MySpace page at:

Me ka mahalo,

How cool is that????

This epitomizes how Hawaiians find out if we write about them and/or speak about them. Our culture is rich in oral traditions as well as the incorporation of written traditions which was mainly due to missionaries teaching us how to write though some of them taught us how to write only so that they could get some land from us. Anyway this example like how I spoke to Patrick Kahawaiolaa of Keaukaha shows how Hawaiians talk. I also think it's cool how some people are cool like the producer of that video, Doug. Mahalo for taking the time out to comment! :-)

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