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Reposted from elsewhere: My conversation with Patrick Kahawaiolaa

Oh and I'm not sure if other Hawaiians have read this article yet:

Well I just spoke with Patrick Kahawaiolaa about this article and he has confirmed that he is not trying to exclude Hawaiians.

Instead he is sueing so that OHA lives up to their fiduciary duty as special agents to us Hawaiians starting with the Haole concept blood quantum of 50% Hawaiian or more.

Unfortunately the Honolulu Advertiser tried to portray him as being a monster. I called him directly to find out and he said that his grandchildren are less than the Haole concept blood quantum of 50% Hawaiian or more so he is NOT trying to exclude Hawaiians with less than the Haole concept blood quantum of 50% Hawaiian. Instead he is trying to help ALL Hawaiians.

I got this directly from the source.
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