For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Ha and haa haa

I noticed this picture that was posted in 2003. It is of two people sharing "ha" or "the breath of life" which is culturally considered to be a high form of respect:


I notice that with my Hawaiian friend this is how I typically kiss/ed him. Sometimes I catch myself kissing the ha-ole way meaning... not near the nose and/or mouth. I remember doing that to my kumu hula perhaps too much and have caught myself trying to stop that habit because it can be considered disrespectful.

In any case I catch myself or try to catch myself when I do not share the "ha" or "breath of life" with my Hawaiian friend as well as with my kumu hula. It's very difficult though... to be Hawaiian some times. Something as simple as a "kiss" can be disrespectful so I try very hard to kiss appropriately and at times I am in the company of Haole people sometimes Hawaiian people sometimes of Hawaiian and Haole people. It can be difficult to use the appropriate customs accordingly but within the last few years I have tried to make more of an effort to be respectful in both without the expense of the other.

Anyway when I kiss my sweetie pie it feels like he is the yin to my yang. The apple of my eye. The breath of my life haha Oh... "haa haa" pronounced "ha-ah ha-ah" can mean "humble." It's no coincidence that "ha" is in there.

Tags: aku palu, ha, haole

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