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You won't see this on CNN.

I saw this at You Tube which you won't see on CNN. In it Keoni Choi explains a little about Hawaiian history which is rarely if ever covered in the educational system on the continental U.S.


Hawaiian Kingdom created on or about 1820.

The State of Hawaii was created in 1959.

They don't teach people that in the rest of the states. Unfortunately.

Keoni Choi also mentioned Kau Inoa with which I refuse to register. I am not going to register for some thing when my kupuna taught me that being Hawaiian is in NOT in an ID card. Instead it is in the IWI or bones.

Also note that not all Hawaiians are dark skinned. Some of us are very very fair and/or have light colored eyes.

In addition I totally agree with Keoni Choi when he says, "It's all about the money" because it is. Unfortunately and it is at our land, water, air, and people's expense.

And again... "pro-Hawaiian sovereignty" is not the same thing as "anti-American." Instead it means that we Hawaiians want to determine our present and our future. Das it!

Anyway this video is pretty cool so watch it if you have time:

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