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Last video

Then I noticed this video which has many people protesting in Hawaii. Unfortunately they don't show this on CNN nor on MSNBC so some people mistakenly think that Hawaiians are satisfied with the status quo. This shows that we are not and looks like it was taped at the Iolani Palace. Keep in mind that there are only about 200,000 Hawaiians living in Hawaii. The rest of us (200,000 or so) live beyond the Hawaiian Islands and some people tell me such a stupid stuff like, "Let OHA take care of it." What the hell? They not doing their damn job. Idiots.

ANYWAY... this shows how OHA fails in its fiduciary duty as special agents to Hawaiians and also how Hawaiians and supporters of Hawaiians protest which clearly shows that some of us are dissatisfied with the status quo. Note too that "Hawaiian sovereignty" is NOT interchangeable with "anti-American" keeping in mind that I am both pro-Hawaiian Sovereignty and pro-American. Well here is some evidence of people protesting the status quo:

Tags: hawaiians are still protesting, still fighting for their rights

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