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For my family and friends ™

Haolefied Hawaiian Music

In this video... you can hear the Haole influence which is one drawback of the Kamehameha Schools. That is, missionaries helped to create the Kamehameha Schools so you can see how they try to "tame" us which annoys me because they viewed us as heathens when they were some of the worse heathens ever.

One con is that the administrators help to Haole-fy our thinking and/or how we treat each other. Of course lately some Hawaiians view other Hawaiians as being "less" Hawaiian due to their location and/or blood quantum which is the Haole Way of Thinking so unfortunately some Hawaiians have been tainted for the worse. Some are even intellectual egoists whereas in our culture much of our knowledge was shared and/or we didn't act as high makamaka as some Hawaiians do which is universal: The colonized become colonizers. Hawaiians are no different though it is disappointing to see some Hawaiians use "pure Hawaiian" when there is no blood quantum in our culture. It also implies that other Hawaiians are "less" or "IMPURE." That is mainly why I oki some piko.

Anyway here is an example of Haolefied Hawaiian Music which has its pros... and cons:
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