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Another example of an American embarrassing America

Once again (and I am not surprised) but someone posted something hypocritical. Here it is:

"Opu I think we all are at times... but there is no confusion about what some in the radical sovernty movement want.

Anonymous | 08.01.06 - 8:19 pm | #"

This was my response:

"Oh yes... these "radicals" want something terrible:

They want to determine their present and their future. They also want to fight for their civil and property rights as well as fight for their right of self-preservation.

We criticize them yet turn around and do exactly what they do...

/ sarcasm"

I love America very much and it has enabled me to achieve my dreams. Not just the American Dream but my Hawaiian Dream too. These people are embarrassments of America.

Some of them get upset too that I point this out. They shouldn't be upset. I mean... they fight for their civil and property rights. They also fight for their right to self-preservation. Hawaiians are NO different. Unfortunately these people are racist against Hawaiians. That is why they have Double Standards that they apply to us, Hawaiians which shows how hypocritical they are showing the hypocrisy of some Americans. We need to flush these people down the toilet where they belong because they are bringing America down with their stupidity and hypocrisy.

In any case I was kind enough to translate it for them since they seem Logically and Reading Comprehension Challenged:

"Translated: Don't embarrass America with your hypocrisy."

Tags: racism against hawaiians is embarrassing

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