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My naau was telling me stuff today then I read this:

Received this note via email...

Aloha gang, FYI:

I just received a call from Henry Noa of the Reinstated Kingdom of Hawaii.

He was calling from the shores of kohemalamalamaokanaloa--Kaho'olawe.

He informed me that they have indeed landed by boat at Hakioawa. They have built an 'ahu and performed ceremony and protocol in honor and reverence of kohemalamalamaokanaloa where they are making a spiritual and political claim.

He sent this message which I am paraphrasing but the jist of it was:

"The Lawful Kingdom Government has returned, we are claiming our nationhood and our national lands starting with the baby, Kaho'olawe.

We look forward to working with all Hawaiians in moving our nation forward.

- -Henry Noa"

He also informed me that they plan to stay until they are forcefully removed.

Please forward this message to your contacts.


Then got this note from the Kaho'olawe list:

From: "Sol Kaho'ohalahala" sol @

Aloha kakou,

At approximately 8:10 a.m. today, Monday, July 31st, I was informed by Randy Awo, the Maui head of DLNR's Division of Conservation and Resource Enforcement (DOCARE), that he received a message that the Reinstated Hawaiian Government would be making a landing today on Kaho'olawe.

Mr. Awo has had previous contact with this group and one of its leaders, Henry Noa, and has come to believe that the purpose of this landing is to create a legal or judicial process (i.e. , by being cited) that would provide the group an opportunity to make public or political statements or claims. At this point, it is understood that the group does not necessarily wish to occupy the island, only to use the Reserve as the mechanism for their public statements.

At approximately 8:35 a.m., we were informed by our staff on-island that three boats and approximately 20 people were observed at Hakioawa from one of our helicopter mobilization flights to Honokanai'a.

This information was relayed to DOCARE, and Mr. Awo is presently mobilizing enforcement officers to Hakioawa. KIRC's vessel H?kilo is presently en route to Honokanai'a on a planned access and will make observations of the group at Hakioawa along the way. Mr. Awo instructed KIRC that the H?kilo is not to interact with the group; she is only to covey information back to the KIRC and DOCARE.

While the group's purpose or activities may be in line with HRS Chapter 6K, the KIRC has received no request, and has given no authorization, for this access. The primary concern at the moment involves safety, as we have no knowledge of who is participating in this landing and what level of knowledge they may have relating to UXO and other hazards, both on land and in the ocean. We do not know how their vessels are moored or anchored, nor do we know where the group will be and what they will be doing.

We will be in touch with our on-island staff and DOCARE throughout the day, and will keep all of you on this e-mail list updated as information becomes available. If you need to contact me directly, you may call 357-0183.

Mahalo ame a hui hou, Sol

To me this is GREAT news on so many levels. I may explain more later but right now... I am very happy that Henry Noa and others are doing some thing about it. I mean... native Hawaiians and Hawaiians hold title to some property per Section 5 of the state Constitution. It's about time!

I especially like how careful Henry Noa used his words as one of our olelo noeau teaches us:

I ka 'olelo no ke ola, i ka 'olelo no ka make.

"Life is in speech; death is in speech."

He stated, "We look forward to working with all Hawaiians in moving our nation forward."

Now that is the epitome of the Kakou Concept. Not leaving any Hawaiian behind and is inclusive instead of the high makamaka exclusive ways that unfortunately some people have. Therefore I fully support Henry Noa and others like him.

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