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Someone from the U.S. Agency for International Development visited my Livejournal. Um... shouldn't they be working instead of surfing the Internet? Seriously... and people wonder why many Hawaiians do not want the Akaka Bill. That is... bureaucratic bullshit. Fortunately the Akaka Bill was shut down. Yay!

I'm not sure if people remember but I hold two citizenships (Hawaiian and American) and if my Hawaiian cousins asked me... I do not give the U.S. representatives my vote of confidence AT ALL. I still say, "Do not trust them" so if they try to revive inter-national relations between the U.S. and the Hawaiian Kingdom... I will tell them not to trust them since for the last 200 years or so they have done very little for us Hawaiians.

Also one of the idiots posted this to me in response to the data that I provided (see previous post for data):

"Lana where do you find the time!"

Here is my response but then how does one respond to an idiot? In any case this was my response to an idiotic person:

"I just read annual reports because remember... I work in the business world. Lately I have been working 60 to 70 hours per week but I have read these and other reports within the last few years.

I know that it surprises people but there is alot of misinformation being spread by some people and these reports (one in 2003 and one in 2005) show otherwise.

That's why I say... please don't easily believe people. Find out for yourself... like how I did and as you can see... the truth of this matter is that in Hawaii Caucasians outnumbers Hawaiians on General Assistance, 40% to 29%, and there are more homeless Hawaiians than there are any other group with Caucasions being very close behind Hawaiians.

Shocking I know but I urge people to PLEASE stop blaming Hawaiians and/or singling out and targeting Hawaiians and only Hawaiians. We are not the only ones who receive GSA benefits. More Haole people received GSA benefits in 2005 than Hawaiians did so PLEASE don't blame Hawaiians."

Anyway these people are bringing America down with their stupidity. Seriously.

Tags: racism against hawaiians

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