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Facts and Figures Showing the Plight of the Hawaiians

Unfortunately someone ignorant posted ignorant stuff again so I responded with some cold hard facts. Here they are reposted to show some evidence of the Plight of the Hawaiian. Keep in mind that I am sort of a mutation on three counts: 1) I'm one of a twin; 2) I am relatively well-off financially but it has a lot to do with the fact that I married a Haole dude who was relatively well-off though I didn't know it at the time; and 3) I am very fair skinned so I am fortunate that I can utilize "White Privilege." Sad... but true.

Anyway here it is reposted for those who are interested:

Me: "Since I was a little girl my tutuwahine would always tell me to work instead of talk. Unfortunately some people think that all Hawaiians are on welfare and/or collect government checks but that's not true. Not all of us do."

Idiot #1: "No not all but the beaches are FULL of them...
and there are those that think the USA owes them a living. In fact really OHA is nothing more than cultural welfare! You'd rather fish, surf and eat than work... and that's OK just don't exspect me and mine to support you and yours.


Me: "Full of whom? Have you asked those homeless people at the beach if they are all Hawaiian? Keep in mind that there are about 200,000 Hawaiians out of the approximately 401,062 Hawaiians left living in Hawaii:

So you see... people on the beaches are not all Hawaiian.

In addition how many non-Hawaiians are there in Hawaii who are receiving government freebies that are footed by the middle class Americans? Let's look at Food Stamps:

General Assistance figures:

Caucasians 40%
Hawaiians 29%
Filipino 10%
Japanese 6%
Other Pacific Islanders 6%

See page 27 here:

Even then the population of Caucasians and Japanese outnumber the population of Hawaiians in the islands so assistance is not proportionate nor would I say "fairly distributed."

Unfortunately some people (like you perhaps) mistakenly think that Hawaiians are leeches. Not all of us are. In fact the food stamps program rejected my mother when I was younger. She made $13 over the maximum yet they rejected us. I am sure that I am not the only one who has personally experienced the inequity of leeches.

Also note in the 2005 annual repost that they helped 94% who were Americans. They also helped 6% who were not American citizens so before you bitch about helping Hawaiians... first bitch about helping those non-American citizenships who may not contribute socially and/or economically to Hawaii.

As for OHA... they have a fiduciary duty as special agents to Hawaiians.

They have not helped me AT ALL so before you bitch about them... please understand that the entity is a part of legally binding contracts."

Idiot #2: "Isn't it interesting that other posters filled in 'Hawaiians' when all the OP said was 'them'... and I think what they meant was 'Homeless' so chill out...

ALSO I believe Lee and her column about as much as I do the BS on here! IF there are indeed 25% of the people that are homeless
are 'from the mainland' (what does that mean?) then A) how did they get here? and B) we shouold round them up put them on a C-5 and ship them the hell outta here.

The sad truth is that homelessness is NOT a lifestyle, (we'd all love to camp on the beach!) and many have booze and drug problems. While its a same they are down on their luck and we'll try to help them help themselves... but NO we are not going to let them camp on the beach anymore because it belongs to everyone. Personally? I'd like to put them all on a bus and send them to camp out on the lawn of the state house and for native hawaiians the palace lawn! That might wake some of those fat cats up!"

Me: "Anonymous #23000756,

One can safely deduce from his/her sentence:

"In fact really OHA is nothing more than cultural welfare!"

that the object of his/her hatred... I mean sentence... was Hawaiians. It was very clear that Hawaiians were singled out and targeted yet stats clearly show that Caucasians receive 40% of General Assistance versus 29% to Hawaiians.

Should we bitch and moan about Haole people on General Assistance?

No... you don't see nor hear us bitch and/or moan about these leeches.

In any case leeches are leeches. I am especially bothered by non-citizens who don't contribute and are leeching money off of middle class Americans who are predominantly working class families. We are basically subsidizing their food, housing, medical, etc. yet it seems as though this anger is misplaced onto Hawaiians and Hawaiians are blamed instead of those leeches like those 40% Caucasians who are using GSA at our expense or the 6% of non-Americans who get freebies.

Here are my sources:

General Assistance figures:

Caucasians 40%
Hawaiians 29%
Filipino 10%
Japanese 6%
Other Pacific Islanders 6%

GSA Annual Report 2005: See page 27

According to the "Homeless Point-in-Time Count Report 2003" prepared for the State of Hawaii, the homeless population breakdown based on ethnicity:

Hawaiian 38.7%
Caucasian 34%
Other 7.3%
Filipino 5.1%
Chinese 2%
Japanese 1.1%

See page 24 at"

If only we could put those idiots in jail. They wouldn't be embarrassing other Americans like me. If only idiocy was a crime. Seriously. Their idiocy is bringing down America. They are an embarrassment to America. Seriously.

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