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Conversation between Kalani and I: More on the four intellectual egoists who are Hawaiian

One thing that really annoys me are those intellectual egoists who are Hawaiians. Though rare and consisting of very few Hawaiians (in this case... four of them)... they should be ashamed of themselves for acting the way that they do to other Hawaiians some times. Using their college degrees as tools against other Hawaiians. Auwe!

Anyway this is what I told Kalani recently about them and I laugh at them because I know that word gets to them as Hawaiians talk. Word spreads like fire among us. Well here is an excerpt of a recent conversation between Kalani and I:

Kalani: "Oh yeah, I forgot you're a twin. lol You mention your sister, but I keep forgetting.

Intellectua egoists....hmm, I know. I hate that. I could say that could be a form of colonization, but it's not really. I could say that it is a habit typical of western culture, but didn't we have those types in our own culture? I'm not sure really. We have oral traditions who really excelled, who were heroes, or kupua even, demigods, but I could equate them to intellectual egoists, but they weren't. lmao So to sum things up...nope, definitely a haole thing! hahaha"

Me: "Yeah and I haole so I can see it when it happens haha Though I can and will be a bigger bitch than they are. I also know that they lurk and/or talk about us LMAO

But yes it is a Haole thing and they SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES:

S.K. aka K.K. the one who works for the U.S. government hahaha!

and last but not least


All intellectual egoists who are have student loans up their ass!

Told you I can be a bigger bitch but they deserve it"

Yes... they DESERVE it for using their college education as tools to HURT and/or to HARM other Hawaiians. Shame on them!

And if they lurk here since some of them lurk here since they think that they are so smart...

You folks have student loans up your ass!

So if I were you I wouldn't ack so high makamaka to other Hawaiians.

You are in DEBT. Assholes!

In any case... I have withdrawn any and all support of these intellectual egoists. They have lost my vote of confidence and will never regain it from me. Once you hurt other Hawaiians... I OKI. And no... I will not ask my relatives in high places to help you out just so that you can harm other Hawaiians. NOPE!

All of you are ON YOUR OWN. Good luck when you graduate from law school. These few intellectual egoists will need all of the luck to get ahead because the islands are so small. They think that they are so smart though like I stated above... they have student loans up their ass! If only they respected other Hawaiians but nooooo since they have degrees (and yes... I have degrees too) they mistakenly thought that they were/are entitled to things. Well they will find out the hard way that I AM NOT helping these intellectual egoists out and it's ALL about who you know. These four intellectual egoists aka nasty Hawaiians WILL find out the hard way that they should be nice to ALL Hawaiians irrelevant if they have a college degree or not.

Then again other Hawaiians can tell that I am from the Big Island and from Maui haha

Seriously... I predict that these four (one, some, or all) will find out that I wrote about them by the end of this month. That is how Hawaiians are. We talk! And that is my assessment of these four Asshole Hawaiians who are in DEBT yet act as though they are better than other Hawaiians.

Consider this a Reality Check. That is... THEIRS. AUWE! They SHOULD be ashamed of themselves.

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