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For my family and friends ™

Jere tries to do it again

I was getting ready for my flight to the Washington DC area again (which leaves tomorrow morning LOL) when I noticed that Jere was at it again trying to push for conversion.

This post is especially for my cousin Paul since he is way smarter than I will ever be plus my mother told me ever since I was a child that he is very humble and kind so I know that he does care about the world that WE live in. That is probably why he won so many awards for the public's right to know. Of course some cliques in Hilo ruined it but ANYWAY all I do is state the obvious. Well I hope that he is thinking about this post of mine because it is about something that is very important to me. I bet he probably won't read it but here is to hoping that he does LOL

I am not going to repost the stupid shit that Jere Krischel posts since it advocates that we violate the law as conversion is illegal. Here is my response to his stupidity. Here is to hoping that my cousin reads this though I highly doubt that he will I think it is important for personal reasons:

"As for OHA... I have already posted this:

I have already shown this:

"the Office of Hawaiian Affairs shall hold title to all the real and personal property now or hereafter set aside or conveyed to it which shall be held in trust for native Hawaiians and Hawaiians."

Emphasis mine since Jere tries to twist things to suit his racist against Hawaiians agenda. It does NOT belong to the public of Hawaii. As in the state constitution it explicitly states for native Hawaiians and Hawaiians.

NOT for all of the public in Hawaii. Not for aliens. Not for martians. Instead it explicitly states that title is held in trust for native Hawaiians and Hawaiians. NOT FOR THE PUBLIC IN HAWAII.

That would be conversion which is illegal."

And I'm not smart. I am only stating the obvious. I don't think it's right that Jere and people like him are trying to promote conversion which is illegal. You know... against the law.

It's not only against the law. It's also a breach of justice. A betrayal of our justice system. A betrayal to Hawaiians.

If this happened to my Portuguese ancestors then I would think and feel the same way. And that's the thing... I am in tune with all of my ancestors (Haole, Hawaiian, Chinese, and Portuguese.) Unfortunately some people don't understand how it is to be all four simultaneously and again... their paradigm is not necessarily our paradigm. Anyway... just some thoughts to consider hehe

Tags: conversion is illegal, office of hawaiian affairs
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