For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™


Lately I have read some material that is loaded with assumptions about me. I am not surprised. For example some people mistakenly think that just because I own businesses one of which involves cleaning other peoples toilets that it somehow entitles them to look down on people who clean other peoples toilets. That only proves my point that they look down on other people. I happen to have cleaned other peoples toilets. There is NO shame in hard work.

Then my degrees. Have I EVER told people what degrees I have? Nope yet they make alot of assumptions about me and that is exactly why I don't tell people because I like to see them prove my point that people like them ASSume things about other people... not just about Hawaiians.

Then my last name. I was born with a CHINESE LAST NAME LOL That seems to surprise some people but then I make goals. I challenge myself to achieve them. One of my next goals is to be in the top 10%. I am determined to do so.

I already know that these people mention tidbits about me acking as though they know me when they do not. Their attempts at trying to stop me from writing is FUTILE. I will NEVER stop writing about Hawaiians, Hawaiian sovereignty, etc.

Well I am currently in Virginia. I stuffed my face with ake, akule, and poi last night. Stuff stuff. Then I went to workout for an hour at Bally's LOL I had to because I no like get diabetes.

ANYWAY it's amusing how some people mistakenly think that just because they post my Chinese maiden name and sprinkle it with misinformation than I will stop writing. I WILL NOT STOP WRITING LOL But then anyone who knows me knows how I am so this should not surprise them :-) Oh yeah... I drive back to Washington DC tomorrow then fly back to HomeHome for a meeting on Tuesday then on Wednesday I fly back to Washington DC for four days.
Tags: ignorance about hawaiians, racism against hawaiians

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