For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Another conversation with Kalani: Intra-Hawaiian Relations

Excerpts in Hawaii Creole English aka pidgin English:

Kalani: "Lol i thought about _____ and others this a.m. as to what you say, they have these degrees, think they are better. I mean, Hawn. kine…you no need that to know everything. You either know or you don’t."

Me: "yep... and das why I OKI dem because they ack like they better than other hawaiians. they only know you when dey like someting from you. dats da kine. they pilau. anyway yeah... intellectual egoists... dats what I call em. another name for high makamaka pilau people LMAO"

Kalani: "Oh, i know why i thought of them, b/c while reading Malo’s book again I saw oki ana i ka piko o ka hale. I laughed! Oki dat piko. And they had a chant used when consecrating a new home but the chant was from Molokai. Hahaha Go Molokai!"

Tags: intra-national hawaiian relations, kalani

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