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Conversations with Kalani

Recently Kalani and I have been discussing Hawaiian issues. For example, a lot has been said about this thing called "the Aloha Spirit." What is it? It's a lie perpetuated by some money hungry people to try to sell Hawaii in order for them to make a profit.

Kalani stated it way better than I ever will here:

"I've said this before how "aloha spirit" is a coined term that was born around the 40s or so. Hawaiian culture has its protocol and what the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau has done is taken a part of our culture and used it to entice others, giving them the idea that the people are docile creatures.

And if we don't follow that stereotype, as that young lady told me, I don't have the "Hawaiian spirit". So I guess Kamehameha didn't have the Hawaiian spirit with Kalanikupule. Nor did Kalanikupule have the Hawaiian spirit with Kahahana. Keouakuahuula didn't have it with Keawemauhili and Kamehameha didn't show it to Keouakuahuula and Kalanikauikeaoulikiwalao. Guess they all could've learned something from the HVCB."

Kalani stated it best: "the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau [took] a part of our culture and used it to entice others, giving them the idea that the people are docile creatures" we are not docile. If anything we descend from warriors. Some are more warrior-like than others and yes... I have written those FEW pilau Hawaiians off. They do not exist in my book. Is that Hawaiian or me? You bet. Kamehameha did it when he oki his own relatives. Same thing with pilau Hawaiians like D.K. and LoLo. They are where they belong. That is... in the trash heap.

Specifically I have been mentioning how people like D.K. acts like he is so much greater than other Hawaiians just because he has a college degree. Uh HELLO... other Hawaiians have more degrees than he does and have paid off their student loans yet what does he and others like him do? Act like he so great. So smart. Yeah right. If they were so great then why have half of the 401,062 or so Hawaiians left in this world fled Hawaii? Das right. They not great. They not haa haa das why though they like ack like they're haa haa. THEY ARE NOT.

Even my 11 year old certified brainy niece "Moon Face" no ack lidat. She was the top scoring kindergardener for an aptitude test in the State of Virginia. Did she brag? NOPE. Did she boast? NOPE! Does she even tell people that she is a certified brain? NOPE! LOL She haa haa (which can mean "humble") das why. More so than adults like D.K. and LoLo. It's like haa haa. GET SOME.

I've also been thinking about hula. I have studied martial arts for about eight years and every time I dance the hula my mind cannot help but think about how hula has alot of 45 and 90 degree angles. Angles that tell a story of a martial art. There have been theories about hula. Mine is that hula was developed from lua which is a martial art. I see the movements. I feel the warrior movements. They remind me of the warrior in us Hawaiians.

Anyway Kalani and I are also discussing other Hawaiian issues. I will probably repost what he has to state :-)

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