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Good news for Hawaiians

I wrote about conversion and how it is illegal. Well I recently read about a recent ruling of the Hawaii Supreme Court that rarely if ever protects the rights of Hawaiians. Today it makes me happy knowing that in June Chief Justice Moon in a 5-0 decision he wrote that claimants have a right to seek monetary damages in Circuit Court.

Then bam! This month in July... the Hawaii Supreme Court ruled that beneficiaries can pursue land claims and monetary damages. How cool is that! In any case here is the recent ruling. It also epitomizes how the vast majority of Americans only want to do the right thing. Unfortunately many of them are ignorant about Hawaiians but I know that they only want to do the right thing.

Anyway here is the article in today's paper:

Leona Kalima, Dianne Boner and Raynette Nalani Ah Chong spoke yesterday about a Hawaii Supreme Court ruling in support of their Hawaiian Home Lands claims.

"Hawaiians win in land dispute:

The state high court rules beneficiaries can pursue land claims and monetary damages"

An excerpt:

"More than 2,700 native Hawaiians can seek monetary damages from the state for its alleged mismanagement of the Hawaiian Home Lands program, the Hawaii Supreme Court ruled yesterday.

Upholding a lower court's ruling, five judges also concluded that as many as 2,721 beneficiaries can pursue land claims that were once up for consideration by a review panel suspended in 1999, said Thomas Grande, attorney for the plaintiffs.

The suit, brought by three women, argues that the homesteading program set up under the 1959 Statehood Admissions Act mishandled thousands of land claims under an extensive wait list. It also faults the land trust for allegedly awarding properties lacking access to water, damaged by illegal grading or other work."


Mahalo to these three Hawaiian women for onipaa-ing. For standing firm in what they believe in.

For the few selfish Hawaiians who eat all of the poi... thanks for nothing! These people include L.L., D.K., and S.K. (They already know who they are because I OKI their piko from my piko. SNIP SNIP!) They act pilau das why!

ANYWAY I hope to convince my cousin to represent me. If not I WILL find another attorney (Attorney #5) to speak for me so even though he may not speak for me I will find someone who will. I really think he is the Chosen One though because of my grandparents LOL

Well I REALLY admire these women. They onipaa-d.

Onipaa. Stand firm in what you believe in!

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