For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

A Random Act of Kindness: Wow!

Last night I met my friend "I" and my stylist "S" at a hip place for dinner. They served osushi which I love. Unfortunately I can't state the name here but it was nice and casual. Well to make a really long story short... this older guy paid for our food LOL

Evidently he was this older gentleman whom I kept looking at and smiling since I was facing him where "I" and "S" either had their back facing him or sideways. I was looking AT him LOL He kept staring too. I wore a pink top, jeans, and a matching pink bag. Nothing special except it was a low-cut blouse which I use during my "off" time. Well I didn't know he would pay for our food *L* Well he did. It was hard not to notice him because he kept staring so I smiled at him not realizing that he would tell the waitress that we look so happy and were so nice smiling at him that he paid for our dinner and drinks but the catch was that he wanted her to tell us AFTER he left.

I was so impressed! And I know... my sweetie pie told me that my friend "I"'s millionaire boyfriend should NOT pay for my hotel room or for ANY rich guy to buy anything for me. Sorry, sweetie pie but this guy just paid for our dinner and drinks and I could not say "No" since he left and we couldn't say anything to him since the waitress told us that he didn't want us to know til AFTER he left LOL Seriously... I noticed him. I smiled at him and it was not a sexual smile. Whatever that is LOL I just looked at him and smiled. I kept looking at him since he was looking right AT me. How can I NOT be nice to him and smile at him? But wow... I was surprised that he picked up our tab.

This was the FIRST time that a man who is a stranger picked up the tab for dinner. I feel so blessed! And fortunate. How cool is that?!?! It was weird too because I was down on huMANity awhile ago only to have a stranger do a random act of kindness just because. I still not going help PILAU people though haha I NOT helping them at all (pidgin.) They're on their own haha

Anyway it was nice. I hope to take my sweetie pie there one day. We also had our picture taken countless times. I MAY repost them here. I can state though that my friend "I" had liposuction while "S" had breast augmentation as well as a recent face lift. Me? I am the only one who hasn't had any work done to my breasts and/or to my body and/or to my face haha Yes... I am the Odd Ball. Literally hehe
Tags: random acts of kindness

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