For my family and friends ™ (haolegirl) wrote,
For my family and friends ™

Conversion is illegal part 2

I shouldn't repost this here for the few high makamaka intellectual egoists HAWAIIANS who read this. You know... like LoLo and the others. They are like this, "The U.S. government is bad bad bad... YET I HAVE A JOB WITH THEM" LOL Fricken illogical hypocritical selfish pilau people who strive to be "famous" in Hawaii. Yeah... they famous alright. Famous for being SELFISH. Anyway LOL this is what I ended up writing :

"Once again we Hawaiians are bombarded with anti-Hawaiian sentiments which are similar to anti-Semitism like in Stephen Aghjayan's letter advocating that we violate the law. Dismantling the Office of Hawaiian Affairs is conversion whereas conversion is "the unauthorized use or retention of money or property that rightfully belongs to another person."

In this case "the Office of Hawaiian Affairs shall hold title to all the real and personal property now or hereafter set aside or conveyed to it which shall be held in trust for native Hawaiians and Hawaiians."


To dismantle OHA would be the unauthorized use of property that rightfully belongs to HAWAIIANS.

Let us NOT partake in conversion since it is AGAINST THE LAW. In addition Aghjayan's letter shows ignorance about the law as well as the prevalent and troublesome racism against Hawaiians. Respect the law. Respect Hawaiians. It's not that difficult to do.


The Hawaiian Girl with a Haole Name"
Tags: conversion is illegal, racism against hawaiians

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