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Conversion is illegal

I've returned to reading the local papers again after a hiatus from reading some people try to de-humanize Hawaiians in order to try to make us look like monsters in order to steal our land. Well in today's newspaper someone wrote about conversion which is illegal. Sometimes I wonder what the hell? These people are advocating that we violate the law. This letter also shows ignorance about the law as well as the prevalent and troublesome racism against Hawaiians. IF ONLY my cousin would represent me and speak for me. I know that I would kick their dumb ignorant, racist-against-Hawaiians asses! In any case here is the letter:


After reading the June 24 article entitled "OHA now working toward nationhood," it has become clear to me that the OHA must be dismantled.

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs was born of the 1978 state Constitutional Convention with a mandate to better the conditions of both Native Hawaiians and the Hawaiian community in general. OHA has gone far beyond its 1978 mandate and is now supporting a process that could lead to secession.

Perhaps it is time for another state constitutional convention to deal with this situation. Are there any politicians left in Hawai'i who will stand up for the U.S. Constitution, for Hawai'i's Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and thus the rights of all of Hawai'i's citizens?

Stephen Aghjayan

Seen here:

Later today I'll have to write to the editor and write more about conversion here in my Livejournal.

Tags: conversion is illegal, racism against hawaiians

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