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More on Anti-Hawaiians Like Jere Krischel

To me "anti-Hawaiian" is the Hawaiian equivalent of "anti-Semitism" where people like Jere attack Hawaiians BECAUSE of our race, ethnicity, and/or national origin which is the Hawaiian Kingdom. By the way I was not referring to Jere in the previous post but lately he has been advocating conversion which is ILLEGAL. This is what he has stated lately which is hewa followed by my response to his hewa-ness:

Anti-Hawaiian Jere: "We should probably take some of the OHA money, and use it to subsidize low-income, merit-blind admissions to all private schools for kids of all races who are orphans and indigents.

Of course, then you've essentially created a voucher program, which would probably be okay with sufficient protections between church and state in curriculum."

My response: "That would be conversion which I would never advise anyone to do since it's against the law.

However I do advocate that all Hawaiians not be grouped together all being "Haves" because I know that not all of us are "Haves." I used to be a Have Not so obviously Have Not Hawaiians DO exist and should not be forgotten nor be made invisible.

In any case Hawaiians are STILL under-represented in the total U.S. population:

Caucasians 74%

Hispanic or Latino 12.5%

"Blacks" 12.3%

Asians 3.6%

Native American excluding Hawaiians .9%

Hawaiians .1%


For a total of 401,062 or so Hawaiians left in this world... I say LEAVE THEM ALONE. They already have a rough and tough time surviving."

With that stated... we Hawaiians still have a HUGE fight ahead of us and I hope that my cousin Paul will speak for me. If he does not then I WILL find another attorney to speak for me because I WILL swear LOL

Seriously... it upsets me how people like Jere single out and targetsHawaiians and ONLY Hawaiians. When they do that they are singling out and targeting Hawaiian CHILDREN. Thus my passion. I cannot let people hurt a child or children THAT WAY. Makes me cry thinking about it actually.

ANYWAY it is important to remember that there are MANY Have Not Hawaiians. I am very very rare in that I graduated from college and have never taken drugs. Why? I owe it to the only school for Hawaiian children, my alma mater, the Kamehameha Schools. If it was not for that school then I know that I would not have graduated from college and/or never be drug free. That is why I say... let Hawaiians educate their children. After all there are ONLY 401,062 or so Hawaiians left in this world!

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