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Kalani makes me laugh. This is what he wrote recently:

"Time to MO KA PIKO

Someone has been writing a lot about "mo ka piko" and "oki". Mo ka piko literally means to cut/severe the umbilical cord, figuratively referring to cutting ties to that close person, usually a relative. 'Oki just means "to cut" as in cut ties."

Who has that person who has been writing a lot about "mo ka piko" and "oki?"

That would be ME haha

Well I have never ever mo ka piko because I never thought that I would do that since I value the iwi but I have learned that sometimes some people are tainted which in turn taints the iwi. Therefore I have no choice BUT to mo ka piko.

Kalani makes me laugh because he doesn't mention my name LOL But that is how it is in the Hawaiian culture. We are not direct. Instead we are indirect and approach issues and/or people tangentially and that's one thing that I LOVE about the Hawaiian culture.

In fact even with men... I do not like it when they are blunt with me like "You are very pretty." Instead I like it when they are indirect and approach me tangentially like "You remind me so much of me" OR "Your eyes remind me of opihi" OR something like that LOL I don't like it when men are direct.

Anyway it really turns me off when a man is direct which probably annoys those men who don't know much about the Hawaiian culture haha but that's what I like. I don't like it when a guy is direct with me hehe

Tags: intra-national hawaiian relations, kalani

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